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    Comments: Upon falling last March and tearing my rotator cuff, I have had surgery, PT, and regular appointments with Dr. Hasan. I have come to appreciate what it now takes to recover from a massive rotator cuff repair and I can say nothing but how fantastic a surgeon and doctor in general Dr. Hasan continues to be for me. The surgery alone was amazing and has resulted in me getting full mobility back with additional strengthening in progress. Dr. Hasan continues to work with me, advise me on next step activities, and encourage me for next step PT/activities etc. I look forward to meeting him at the 1 year mark this April and showing him my advances in strength, which I anticipate will be the case. I highly recommend Dr. Hasan, without reservation, to anyone needing any shoulder repair.
  • Dr. Hasan is a wonderful doctor. I fell on the ice and broke and dislocated both shoulders! I wasn't sure if they could be fixed. He took the time to make sure to do the right surgery so I could be healed. He did total reverse replacements on both shoulders. He explains everything in detail and spends the time with you that you need. He answers all questions very honestly. He is easy to get along with, very professional and has a great bed side manner. You can tell he really cares about his patients. He gave me a quality of life back in that I can now use both arms again. There are not enough ways I can thank him! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

    ~ Cheryl Thomas ~

  • I was referred to Dr. Hasan in December 2013 by my orthopedic surgeon because of an unsuccessful shoulder surgery (fractured humerus) performed earlier that year. The humerus healed but the rotator cuff, which was repaired during the surgery, had torn some time after surgery and was not repairable. I had very little use of my arm and sever pain if I tried to use it at all. Dr. Hasan recommended a reverse shoulder replacement which would provide me use of my arm and reduce the pain. I was extremely nervous about having this surgery, and Dr. Hasan was wonderful about taking the time to explain in detail about surgery and what to expect afterwards including precautions while the shoulder healed. Unfortunately, a few days after the consultation, I had a major panic attack and contacted Dr. Hasan’s office to talk to his nurse practitioner, Pam, with additional questions. Dr. Hasan returned my call that afternoon and spent another hour on the phone with me addressing the additional questions/concerns so I would feel comfortable about having the surgery. The surgery went extremely well - with some slight obstacles. Dr. Hasan discovered additional damage that he repaired (this didn’t show on the MRI/x-rays) so that shoulder would be functional. Follow-up appointments were always informative. In addition to Dr. Hasan checking my progress, I was usually armed with two or more pages of questions and he always gave me 100% of his attention and took the time to answer them completely, which I very much appreciated. My five year follow-up appointment with Dr. Hasan was this past week and everything is great. The reverse shoulder has provided me full use of my shoulder/arm with no pain. I can actually dry my hair without using the back of the chair to support my arm to hold the hair dryer and I am able to reach for items located in cabinets above my head, which before the surgery, I thought I would never be able to do again (the simple things in life). Dr. Hasan is an outstanding surgeon, extremely knowledgeable, and truly cares about his patients. Thank you again Dr. Hasan, Pam Brown and your staff for all your help!

    ~ Nita Bourne ~

  • Dr Hasan did a wonderful job on my shoulder. I was in great pain for over a year with no help. I was referred to Dr Hasan and he fixed my shoulder, the pain is gone and my shoulder works better than it did previously. He listened and was very empathetic to my shoulder issues. The staff is also great.

    ~ Mary Holland ~

  • I recently had Elbow Surgery done by Dr. Hasan. I can't say enough about how well the process was handled. From the time I first met with Him to get an opinion on what he could do for me. through Surgery, and now, with follow-up visits I am amazed at the Care & Concern he gives to His Patients. His Staff and Team Members at the Hospital were very caring also! And you can tell that, He is very respected by them as well! It is very rare these days to find a Doctor who has all the Qualities that a Doctor should have, to someone when they are in Pain. I can Highly Recommend Dr. Hasan as, I feel that He has done just that for me! Ms. Hall

    ~ Connie Falcone ~

  • I had shoulder surgery back in 2014 fully recovered no issues since. Now I’m having problems with the other shoulder so I’m back because he’s truly a gem he listens and his bed side manner is superb.

    ~ Stephanie Johnson ~

  • After 2 years of pain and inability to do many daily living actions, I am now well on my way to recovery thanks to Dr. Hasan!

    ~ Sally Jameson ~

  • Wonderful doctor,I'm impressed with the care and the institution.

    ~ Celine Orji ~